SIM-less iPhone 14 Pro Max Teardown reveals Battery Capacity as 4323 mAh

With the iPhone 14 models beginning to arrive to buyers around the world starting tomorrow, some people have already gotten their shipments on the iPhone 14 models. A video has surfaced on YouTube revealing the battery capacity of the iPhone 14 Pro Max by showing how the SIM-less phone does look on the inside. 

After observing the disassembling video of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, you can note that this model is relatively easy to teardown and repair it. The teardown specialist from PBK Reviews has disassembled a US-based 14 Pro Max, which means there is no card tray for a physical SIM.

The teardowns reveal the new iPhone 14 Pro Max has a smaller 4,323 mAh battery compared to 4,352 mAh for the iPhone 13 Pro Max model. You can also see the internal design is looking similar to the previous generation with some minor changes. You can see the L-shaped battery and the logic board on the left with a new cover on top engraved with the “A16 Bionic” logo. This new logic board cover is a metal plate with a graphite pad that helps to keep the various cables firmly attached to the two-layer motherboard and also acts as a heat spreader. All the iPhone models are supposed to have a better thermal system and through this video, we got to know how that system works.

Along with the L-shaped battery, the video also shows updated placements of display components, larger cameras, and a closer look at the earpiece. The 5G antenna models and the new SOS satellite connectivity chip are big in size and consume more space on the board, while the Face ID components and 12MP front camera are placed on one module. The teardown specialist has given a 6.5/10 rating for the iPhone Pro Max’s repairability.

source: PBK

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