iPhone 15 Ultra physical mockup reveals ultra-thin bezels


Apple seems to be aiming to take its high-end smartphones to an even higher level with the upcoming release of the iPhone 15 Ultra. Rumors are swirling around about the potential features of this new device, with several mockups created based on leaked schematics and insider information.

Recently, a popular tech YouTube channel showcased a dummy version of the iPhone 15 Ultra, which is rumored to be slightly narrower and thicker than the 14 Pro Max it will replace. Additionally, the phone is expected to feature all of the subtle upgrades that could make it the most significant update in several generations – with one exception.

Thanks to a recent video by Unbox Therapy on YouTube, we now have a glimpse of what the iPhone 15 Ultra could potentially look like in reality. The 22-minute video showcases an alleged 3D model of the device, with no clear indication of its source. However, it is suggested that the model was obtained from China, possibly created based on specifications provided to third-party accessory manufacturers.

According to the Unbox Therapy video, the host claims to have obtained a non-functional prototype of the upcoming “iPhone 15 Ultra”, which is rumored to come in a Silver or White color option. The new device is expected to feature a titanium frame, marking a long-awaited switch from previous materials. However, in the video, the frame of the alleged device appears to have a matte finish, unlike the shiny stainless steel of its predecessor, the 14 Pro Max, which is typically associated with high-end status.

However, the leaked model also contradicts previous rumors of a switch to Taptic Buttons, as the model retains the first-gen Action Button. Furthermore, the “15 Ultra” measures 76.66 millimeters across the top, slightly narrower than the 77.68mm 14 Pro Max it is expected to replace.

The rumored iPhone 15 “Ultra” is said to feature a new glass rear panel with a “grippy” finish, similar to what other smartphone brands have been doing for some time. YOu can also observe in the video that the device will have a USB Type-C port, though there are rumors that Apple may switch to MFi cables due to a potential EU crackdown.

Lewis claims that both the 15 Ultra and the 14 Pro Max had a height of 8.37mm and 7.91mm, respectively. This indicates that while the 15 Ultra has a narrower body than its predecessor, it is also slightly thicker. However, there is a possibility that the triple rear camera hump may have reduced in size (by approximately 1.57mm) in the new model, which could make it more compact and easier to carry around in one’s pocket.

Lewis has described the non-working model of the iPhone 15 Ultra as the closest look yet at the upcoming device and the changes that are expected to occur. The channel has a track record of providing accurate information, having revealed a similar model of the iPhone 14 Pro Max nearly a year ago. This has led many to believe that the model showcased in the video is close to the final build of the iPhone 15 Ultra.

It’s worth noting that rumors suggest the iPhone 15 Ultra might feature thinner display bezels and a slightly smaller Dynamic Island screen cut-out than its predecessor. However, it remains to be seen whether these speculations will turn out to be true as we await an official announcement from Apple, which is still several months away.

Lewis also cautions that there is no guarantee that the final product will look exactly like the model he is showcasing. However, the model is said to be consistent with numerous rumors and leaks that have been circulating in the tech community. As with all rumors and leaks, we will have to wait until the official release to see how accurate they are.



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