iPhone 3GS dropped to $49 from AT&T

Apple iPhone 3GS For AT&T

I just came to know about this exciting news and I regret to say that I’ve missed it. AT&T has started dropping Apples for less prices. Confused? Yes..Just ahead the launch of Verizon iPhone 4 announcement, AT&T has slashed half of the pricing of its new iPhone 3GS 8GB to $49 from previous $99 total, making the phone a budget oriented high-end smartphone. Apple hasn’t attended the CES show of this year, but they have chosen this attractive way to stay in the news by offering the AT&T versioned iPhone 3GS at breath taking prices for just $49 with a two year contract.

Remember that the new price drops goes for new iPhone 3GS models, not the refurbished & cosmetic blushed iPhones. It’s a significant move and It is being rumoured that AT&T is going to lose its iPhone exclusivity agreement very soon. Sure, the iPhone 3GS is a year-and-a-half old, but this is the best time to grab it for the half of its original price, while the exclusivity deal still lasts

Price & Availability

AT& customers can buy iPhone 3GS here at AT&T’s Online Stores for $49 with two-year new or upgrade activation and the data plans are as follows: 200 MB data for $15 per month and 2 GB of data for $25 per month.

Apple iPhone 3GS Of AT&T

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