iPhone 4 Price Slashed To $147 At Walmart ; Offer Runs Until June 30th [Deals]

iPhone 4 Verizon

While we are gearing up for the Apple’s annual WWDC 2011 conference which has just started about few minutes ago, we’re hearing some nice deal about the iPhone 4. 16GB iPhone 4 (both black and white) model is now available for just $147 at Walmart, a $50 lesser than what actual $197 price tag with a two-year contract. The offer starts this Monday and is valid through June 30 and applies to both the AT&T and Verizon branded versions of the iPhone 4. The timing of the deal is what making us interested. The deal apparently was announced just hours before the WWDC 2011 event kick off, which normally features a next generation iPhone (but not this time). The next generation of iPhone (iPhone 4S / iPhone 5) is expected only during the Q3 2011.

Have you ever seen a huge discount like this one on any new Apple devices? Inarguably ‘no’, we have never. But we are not sure whether it’s going to be an exclusive Walmart deal or something like that. Chances are that it might be, since Walmart has been a closer partner of Apple since the retailer grabbed the iPhone 4 last year. Walmart website is still showing the old prices, though the store may have started selling it for the reduced price tag. Be sure to check into a Walmart store and check it yourself.

[Via: AppleInsider]

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