iPhone 4S Coming With A5 Chip And 8MP Cam? iPhone 5 In Spring 2012?

Apple launches one product and it sells like a hotcake, some months pass by and people will only be thinking about the next version of the product. This is what happening to iPhone 4. Not even an year after the release, there are enough number of discussions going on about the to-be-announced next version of iPhone, to be called “iPhone 4S”.

iPhone 4 Verizon

Another rumor about the iPhone 4S has been making rounds, sourced from the Japanese blog Macotakara, which earlier had the reputation of correctly guessing the iPad 2 design related things right even before the official launch of the actual product. According to Macotakara, iPhone 4S will come with hardware upgrade including a Apple A5 chipset (ARM Cortext-A9 processor) which has been included in the iPad 2 though it’s unclear whether it’s going to be single-core or dual-core. iPhone 4S will also include an 8 megapixel camera in the back along with built-in-chip supporting the dual modes (both GSM and CDMA) of AT&T and Verizon without needing any additional SIM card to be inserted. The phone will also include 3 or 4 additional antennas inside it. Mackotakara also threw some light on the release dates of the iPhone 5 as well, which it predicts will most likely happen only in Spring 2012. Some of these rumors, if not all are likely to be true. But then, as you always do, take these rumors  with a pinch of salt.

[Source: Macotakara] [Via: 9to5Mac]

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