iPhone 5 / 4S Leaked Camera Parts Suggest Relocated Flash

Well, the discussions about the forth coming iPhone are getting hotter and hotter on the internet. Just a couple of days back we reported about an analyst who concluded that the next iPhone would be called as iPhone 4S but not iPhone 5. And now we are seeing some images posted by someone at Apple.pro suggesting that the iPhone 4S (or iPhone 5) might feature a redesigned camera with flash placed separately from the camera.

iPhone 4s iPhone 5 camera flash

As you can see from the above images where the camera units (both front and rear) of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 (iPhone 4S) are compared. While there is nothing changed much with the front camera, you can clearly see the LED flash is not present along with the camera. This suggests that the LED flash could have been separated from the camera and relocated.

Now take a look at these pictures:

iPhone 4s or iPhone 5 design rumor

These were posted in Asian ecommerce website Alibaba.com described as ‘crystal case for Apple iPhone 5G’. The image looks utterly fake Photoshop mockup with a much bigger display accommodating 5 rows of app icons (iPhone has always had only 4 rows). Though there is nothing much we can tell from the image, the only thing that can now convince is the position of the LED flash on the opposite end of the camera. This is on par with the what we have seen at Apple.pro.

Apple, contrary to the usual product cycle, might not announce the ne iPhone at this year’s WWDC conference which is set to happen in June 11, 2011. All we can say is just take all these rumours with a pinch of salt while we await the iPhone 4S / iPhone 5 announcement in September 2011.

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[Via Mashable]

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