“The New iPhone” and “iPhone 5” Monikers Appeared At Best Buy Stores

The New iPhone Case

Earlier this year, Apple has unveiled the 3rd generation iPad as The New iPad because they “don’t want to be predictable.” The Cupertino company is going to announce the amazing next gen iPhone at its event scheduled for tomorrow. The invitations are already carrying the big shadow of the the certain number “5” and it makes it clear that the next iPhone will called iPhone 5 and most of the people will refer this year’s iPhone as iPhone 5. In fact, this year’s iPhone will be the 6th generation iPhone, not the 5th gen.

According to the rumors, the next-gen iPhone will be unveiled as “The New iPhone.” A couple of pictures (placed above and below) have been snapped and headed to Best Buy Mobile stores. One snapshot is showing “Cases for The New iPhone” tag line and there has been also mentioned as color options for those certain cases. The effective dates have been mentioned as September 18 to October 27, 2012. Another snapshot is clearly indicating “iPhone 5 Display.”

“The New iPhone” branding could be a good marketing move. So, what do you guys think and which name is catchy? The new iPhone? or iPhone 5″?

iPhone 5 Case

Source: Phone Arena, iMore

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