Case-Mate Product Page Reveals New iPhone 5 Design Accidentally

iPhone 5 case-mate case

Apple’s iPhone 5 is going to be the most widely talked about product launch all through this month as the launch event is expected in the coming weeks. It’s still not clear whether the Cupertino company will be launching an upgraded iPhone 4S along with a new iPhone 5 or just one of them. But we have been witnessing a plethora of leaks and rumors about the design, features and upgrades in the upcoming iPhone. Though we haven’t seen any real pictures of the iPhone 5 yet, a new leak from the iPhone cases manufacturer Case-Mate recently provided a glimpse at the back of the iPhone 5 yesterday.

Case-Mate initially posted some pictures of its iPhone cases fitted to what was seen as the real iPhone 5. The images show a completely different design of the upcoming iPhone 5 compared to the current model. There is an aluminium back like the iPad 2, where as the iPhone 4 has a glass back. The design also looks thinner and wider compared to the iPhone 4. Case-Mate was quick to remove the cases gallery page and replaced it with this page reassuring that the cases will be available when the phone gets launched.

In another leak, screen protectors of the purported iPhone 5 have been spotted by the people at MacRumors. The screen protectors not only hint at the possible wider design of the iPhone but also at the changes in the physical home button whose design been following a standard in all the iOS devices that we have seen so far. But it is not always fair to draw conclusions from these little evidences, I must add.

Are we really going to see a completely redesigned iPhone 5? We will have the answers very soon, hopefully!

[Source: BGR, MacRumors]

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