Apple Holding iPhone 5 Launch Event On October 4th?

iPhone 5 launch date rumor

We have had so much of speculations about the upcoming launch of the next generation iPhone, a topic that has been widely talked about on the internet. Interestingly, all the rumors that we have seen so far point to a possible launch of the iPhone 5 in the early October. As we approach the month, the murkiness around the launch event is finally getting cleared and looks like we now have a date to mark on our calendars.

According to a report published on the WSJ-owned AllThingsD, the Cupertino company would be holding the iPhone 5 launch event on Tuesday,October 4th. Citing people familiar with the situation as sources, the report also said that the new CEO of the Apple Inc., Tim Cook would unveil the next iPhone. Tim, who replaced Steve Jobs as the CEO will face a real test in the form of this major product launch in less than two months of his appointment as the CEO. All the major Apple device launches have up until now been largely associated with Steve Jobs and his meticulous product marketing. We will now have to see how well Tim Cook fits into the shoes of Jobs.

The report also said that the iPhone would be pushed for sale ‘within weeks’ of the official announcement. But as always Apple will maintain a decent gap which eventually will help to build up the hype among the customers. With two new phones (iPhone 5 along with iPhone 4S) being rumored for the launch this time, we’ll have to see how Apple will come up with the launch on October 4th (if indeed the launch date turns out to be true).

[Source: AllThingsD]

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