“iPhone 5”, “new iPod touch” and “New iPod nano” Names Appeared On Apple’s Website

Apple iPhone 5 Search Results

We’re just a few short hours away from the new iPhone announcement in San Francisco and Apple store has also gone down. It looks like we have a glimpse at the iPhone 5, in official form, early. The “iPhone 5” name just showed up in searches on Apple.com. Head over to Apple’s website and type ‘iPhone 5’ into the search bar, you’ll be redirected to a page with a set of links for iPhone 5 mentioned with press release details with today’s date. What happens when you click one of those links? Well, you’re redirected to this page saying, “Hmm, you’re looking for can’t be found.”



Finally, we can confirm that the next-generation iPhone is going to be called the iPhone 5 even though the name “The New iPhone” has been leaked by Best Buy Stores and some other sources.

On the other side, if you enter “new iPod touch” in the search bar on Apple’s website, you’re presented with a search result page and you can see press release link with todays’ date for the new iPod touch and the new iPod nano devices. Here’s the link at below, referring to both the new iPod touch and the new iPod nano names.


New Apple iPod touch Search Results

The official announcements for the iPhone 5, new iPod touch and the new iPod nano devices will begin in  few hours, stay tuned for more details. Wondering what happened to that “The New iPhone” branding?

Source: Apple (1), (2), Via: 9to5 Mac

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