iPhone Alarms stopped working on New Year’s Day; Fixes themselves on Jan 3rd

iPhone Alarm Clock Not Working on New Year's Day

According to a volatile flow of frustration-filled tweets on the Twitter pages, it has bee discovered that a bug in the Clock app belonging to iOS(4.1, 4.2.1 or whatever) causing Apple iPhone’s alarm malfunctioning starting today– anybody who sets an alarm just for tomorrow won’t be woken up by the iPhone’s built-in alarm clock app. Single use and non-repeating Alarms failed to go off at all starting 1/1/2011. This bug is sounding so similar to the bug in iOS when daylight savings time switched on. Alarms failed to go off at their proper times, making so many users to wake up an hour early and to wake up an hour late in November, 2010 in the US and Europe.

To get rid of this frustration, users can set a recurring alarm at the time they want to wake up. The key thing to note about this bug is that it does not affect repeating alarms. So this bug is less harmful than the Daylight Saving Time bug in 2010, which affected both single use & repeating alarms. Single alarms only will fail to go. According to some reports this problem will fix itself starting January 3rd, 2011. So, don’t trust iPhone alarm clock during the first two days of this year.

Its still unknown why this Clock app making a mess of malfunctioning. Apple hasn’t yet released a quick fix for this bug.

Source: Engadget

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