Is the Google Pixel Fold Water and Dustproof? Here’s What You Need to Know

Despite several years of speculation and speculation, Google has finally unveiled its long-awaited foldable Pixel device, the Google Pixel Fold, showcasing its innovative design and exciting features.

The arrival of the Google Pixel Fold in the foldable phone market may be fashionably late, but it has definitely made a bold entrance as a formidable contender to Samsung’s dominance. With its sleek and thin design, the Pixel Fold catches the eye, particularly with its impressive front display.

If you’re considering the Google Pixel Fold for its durability, it’s important to determine whether it offers water resistance and dust resistance. Let’s delve into the details to discover more about its robustness.

Is the Pixel Fold resistant to water and dust?

Absolutely! The recently launched Google Pixel Fold, a foldable smartphone, is indeed equipped with IPX8 water resistance rating. This certification signifies that the device is capable of withstanding submersion in fresh water for up to 30 minutes, given certain conditions.

Consequently, you can confidently take it for a swim in the pool, excluding saltwater and excessive exposure to chlorine. You can use it in the rain, or keep it protected during your skiing adventures. Even an accidental drop in the toilet won’t pose a threat to the device. However, it’s worth noting that there is no specific information available regarding its dust protection capabilities.

How well does the Pixel Fold hold up in terms of durability?

The Google Pixel Fold is not only water-resistant, but it also excels in terms of durability. The device features a robust hinge that has undergone extensive testing by Google to ensure its long-lasting performance. The hinge has been subjected to rigorous folding, unfolding, and drop tests to guarantee its ultra-durability. While the Pixel Fold is not officially designated as drop-proof, exercising caution and considering the use of a protective case can help safeguard the device against accidental drops. With its waterproofing and durable construction, the Pixel Fold offers users peace of mind and a reliable foldable experience.

The Google Pixel Fold ships with an impressive IPX8 rating, which signifies its high level of ingress protection against water and dust. With a waterproof rating of “8,” it provides excellent resistance to water exposure, particularly in fresh water sources such as showers and rain. However, it’s important to note that while the Pixel Fold can withstand these conditions, it’s not immune to damage caused by chlorine or salt water. If you intend to use the device in swimming pools or ocean environments, it’s advisable to exercise caution as exposure to such elements can potentially harm the device, as well as any other electronic devices.

The “X” in the IPX8 rating for the Google Pixel Fold indicates that no specific testing details are available regarding its resistance to dust and fingerprints. While there is no confirmation of its dust resistance, it is reasonable to assume that the device offers similar protection to other smartphones in its class. It’s important to exercise regular maintenance and keep the device clean to prevent the buildup of dust and debris on its surfaces.

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