Japanese company Nissho Announces 52 inch Naked Eye Glasses-Free 3D TV

Nissho Naked Eye 3D TV

Nissho Electronics in collaboration with Dutch electronics announced the BDL5231-3D2R today. BDL5231-3D2R is a 52-inch glasses-less 3D TV with full HD resolution which can be watched with naked eye.

Dimenco Displays, a venture of Dutch electronics has provided the 3D technology for the TV.

The demand for 3D TV is very low today as the commercially available 3D TVs are highly priced but requires a pair of special3D  glasses to watch. This is quite a disadvantage, with consumers complaining of lesser clarity and other viewer problems like headache, eye stress etc.

The new TV from Nissho is a revolutionary model with no such uncomfortable glasses required(though it comes with a huge price tag). Such kind of 3D TV Technology is long awaited and people may realize the real 3D experience at home.

The TV boasts of a LCD panel with full HD resolution with 60Hz refresh rate, 2,000:1 contrast ratio, 700cd/m2 brightness, and a 8ms response time.

The BDL5231-3D2R hits the market at Japan today with a hefty price of $20,850. Hoping that, with the increase of technology and competition in future, this price may come down to the common peoples’ level. There are no words of when the TV is getting launched at other countries like US yet.

via: crunchgear

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