Kodak debuting Easy Share Touch, Mini, Sport Cameras and Playfull, Playsport Camcorders at CES 2011

Kodak is in full hands this New Year and going to demonstrate with a bunch of cameras and camcorders at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show on Thursday, Jan 6th.

Kodak EasyShare Touch CameraKodak EasyShare Touch Camera

Kodak Easyshare Touch comes with a price tag of $149.95 offering 3-inch capacitive touchscreen, a dedicated video record button, a 14 megapixel sensor, 5x Schneider-Kreuznach lens and an HDMI output. Its dedicated one-touch video record button that makes it easy to take 720p HD video that you can edit and share right on the camera. This camera also sports Kodak’s Smart Capture and Face Recognition features, multiple scene and artistic modes and ‘Share’ button for uploading the media content to social networking sites. This camera will be launched in in silver, black, orange, purple, and red colors.

Kodak EasyShare Mini CameraKodak EasyShare Mini Camera

Next comes the Kodak’s smallest camera ever Kodak Easyshare Mini is heard be about the size of the credit card and boasts a 10 Megapixels image sensor, 2.5 inch bright LCD display, 3x wide angle optical zoom lens and a built-in front side mirror and it also have Smart Capture and Face Recognition features. This camera costs $99.99.

Kodak EasyShare Sport CameraKodak EasyShare Sport Camera

This year, Kodak is going to launch its first water-proof camera, Kodak Easyshare Sport, pricing at $79.95 and it features and it can survive up to ten feet underwater and is also dustproof to withstand dirt, dust and sand. It offers 12 MP camera with a 2.4-inch LCD, Kodak’s Smart Capture feature, multiple scene and color modes.

Kodak EasyShare Playfull CamcorderKodak EasyShare Playfull Camcorder

When it comes to video, you will have Kodak Playfull Camcorder costing $149.95 in an ultralism design with the ability to to capture 5 Megapixels stills, 1080p capture mode and an useful Share button, which lets you to upload your media content to any social network sites such as twitter, Facebook or YouTube and email to your friends.

Kodak EasyShare Playsport CamcorderKodak EasyShare Playsport Camcorder

Last, but certainly not least, comes the Kodak Playsport Video camcorder, which is also waterproof up to ten foot under water, rugged enough to take on shock, dirt and dust. You’re offered a 5 megapixels image sensor, 1080p capture mode and it is also featuring ‘Share’ button, pricing at $179.95.

So al these beautifully designed high-end digital cameras and camcorders to be unveiling at CES 2011 by Kodak just after one day. Hang on tight!

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  1. Hello 🙂
    What is your opinion of the Nikon COOLPIX S8100?
    My own camera recently broke, and I would like to know if anyone believes this would be a awesome one. If you have a better camera idea in mind let me know, thank you.


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