Kroger Joins the Apple Pay Wave, Accepting Contactless Payments in Select Stores

Kroger, which is the biggest supermarket chain in the US, had been resistant to adopting Apple Pay for quite some time. However, recent reports suggest that the company is finally shifting its stance and beginning to introduce Apple Pay at its stores.

Reports from customers on various social media platforms reveal that Kroger has started accepting contactless payment options including Apple Pay at specific stores in Ohio and Kentucky. This new development enables customers to make payments quickly and easily using their iPhone or Apple Watch by simply tapping on the device at the checkout.

Moreover, several other shoppers have also shared their experiences using Apple Pay at Kroger on social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter. It seems that the rollout of Apple Pay at Kroger is still in its initial phases, and many of the company’s stores have yet to adopt the payment method. Nevertheless, based on numerous reports from customers on social media and other platforms, it appears that some Kroger stores have begun accepting Apple Pay as a payment option.

At this time, it is not clear how many Kroger stores are accepting Apple Pay, and it is uncertain whether the NFC-based payment method will be extended to all of the 1,200-plus grocery stores that operate under the Kroger name. Indeed, it appears that we will need to wait for some time to receive more information from Kroger regarding their adoption of Apple Pay and whether it will be available at all their stores. We will continue to monitor the situation and update this story as new details emerge.

PSA: Kroger appears to be rolling out contactless payments
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A Kroger spokesperson has confirmed that the company’s subsidiary, Fred Meyer, has also started accepting Apple Pay at its stores in the Northwest region. Furthermore, Harris Teeter, a Kroger-owned chain based in North Carolina, has announced on Twitter that it is currently working on implementing Apple Pay at its stores as well.

Kroger has been one of the most significant holdouts to accept Apple Pay in the United States since its inception in 2014, alongside other major chains such as Walmart, The Home Depot, and Lowe’s. Nonetheless, in recent years, Kroger has gradually started to introduce Apple Pay at some of its other grocery stores, including Ralphs in California, QFC in Washington and Oregon, and King Soopers in Colorado and Wyoming. Despite these developments, the company had still not implemented the payment method at its flagship Kroger stores until now.

According to a press release by Apple last year, Apple Pay was already accepted at over 90% of retailers in the United States. However, the addition of Kroger, one of the largest grocery store chains in the country, is a significant development for the payment system. It is worth noting that Kroger also provides its own payment service called Kroger Pay, which requires customers to scan a QR code at checkout using the Kroger app to pay with a debit or credit card stored in their account.

Despite the introduction of Kroger Pay, the adoption of Apple Pay at Kroger could be a game-changer, especially as contactless payments become increasingly popular due to the ongoing pandemic. Apple Pay provides a fast and convenient way for customers to pay using their mobile devices, without the need for physical contact with payment terminals or cash. This could potentially reduce the spread of germs and provide a safer and more hygienic payment experience for customers.

Overall, the acceptance of Apple Pay at Kroger stores, along with the ongoing development of Kroger Pay, demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing a range of payment options to its customers, catering to their evolving preferences and needs.


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