Blackberry 10 L-series Poses next to Nokia Lumia 820 in a Leaked Picture

BlackBerry 10 L-series  smartphone and Nokia Lumia 820

After BlackBerry 10 L-series was caught on camera lying side by side with the Apple iPhone, now another photo of the same device shows it next to the Nokia Lumia 820.

Research In Motion (RIM) which is popularly known as the manufacturers of BlackBerry devices had already announced that they will launch their latest operating system, BlackBerry 10 on January 30, 2013 and on this launching day, they will also unveil of its first two BlackBerry 10 smartphones along with their details of availability. Chances are the BlackBerry 10 L-series will be the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone that will be launched.

BlackBerry 10 with iPhone

The BlackBerry 10 L-series may become one of the first smartphones running BlackBerry 10 OS. Even though the leaked picture doesn’t show much information, we assume the L-series could be thinner than the Lumia 820.

Blackberry N-Series keyboard

Today in another leak, we have seen a photo of the Keyboard of BlackBerry N-Series and it looks similar to the Keyboard found on the Bold 9900. But there is a slight difference between the above picture and Bold 9900. Instead of being curved, the above keys are now more straight which apparently is due to the removal of the trackpad and other physical buttons.

We expect that RIM will launch both smartphones 10L-series and N-series simultaneously at the time of launching BlackBerry 10 Operating system on October 30.

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