Leaked BlackBerry 10 screenshots reveal Siri-like Interface, FB, Twitter, other Apps

Blackberry 10

The clock is ticking towards the release of the new Blackberry OS and devices running it. RIM’s Blackberry mobiles are in all time low for quite a few years now. Well this life saving OS for RIM needs to work out else, the future is grim for them. Well new leaked screenshots of the new OS have got the attention of many.

As you may know the Blackberry 10 OS is scheduled to be launched on January 30, 2013. Many analysts had already predicted that the OS will be DOA, which we consider as a very harsh statement. With a month to go for the launch, leaked screenshots of the OS have been circulating. Newly leaked pictures suggests an all new “BlackBerry Hub” all-in-one message center along with an intriguing voice interface. Designs and looks of the Apps like Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare have also been revealed but seems to be very similar to Android and iOS Apps.

BlackBerry 10 Home

The BlackBerry 10 Hub is RIM’s one-stop message center that lets users handle messages from multiple email accounts, BlackBerry Messenger, social networking sites and text messages all in one location. Many suggests that, RIM has developed its own Siri-like application that will give users the ability to use voice commands on their smartphones.

For now just look at the leaked screen shots. Will keep you updated.

BlackBerry 10 Hub

BlackBerry 10 Facebook App

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