Leaked Gmail for Android 4.2 version Arrives with Pinch to Zoom , Swipe to Archive/Delete

Gmail android app version 4.2 leaked photo

Google seems to be preparing a major update for its Gmail for Android application. According to a report in Android police, this upcoming update will take Gmail Android app to version 4.2 and introduce new features.

The guys at Android Police claim to have gotten their hands on Android 4.2, which comes with a new Gmail app that can swipe to archive/delete support and pinch-to-zoom features.

They have even posted a video of the new app, that showcases Android multi-tasking like swipe to delete gestures and the ability to pinch-to-zoom inside a mail.

Similar to the notification bar, you will be able to swipe a Gmail away in archive or trash. The Swipe function will be configurable and you will able to choose whether to delete a message on swiping or archive it.

One other feature will also make its debut in Gmail for Android version 4.2 – the ability to mark a message as phishing.

It is also reported that they aren’t allowed to share the APK just yet, but they’re working on getting the permission necessary to do so. There is no word on when this version is going to be released.

Watch the Preview Video:

Source: Android Police

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