Leaked T-Mobile Roadmap shows HTC Windows Phone 8X, LG Optimus L9 release date

Leaked T Mobile Roadmap

Yesterday, T-Mobile’s holiday roadmap screenshot was leaked and popped up in many media websites. In that roadmap, it is suggested that the network carrier will have a relatively release dates during the holiday season.

T-Mobile is planning to launch their devices either in late October or early November. The leaked T-Mobile roadmap suggests the carrier will have a relatively lineup during the holiday season, with a few big standouts leading the pack. They showed many devices with the possible release date.

Upcoming devices to be released including LG Optimus L9, BlackBerry Armstrong, Dell BMW, Samsung Toba, and HTC Windows Phone 8X. Dell BMW is expected to be a Windows 8 laptop or some sort of convertible tablet. The BlackBerry device has been confirmed as the BlackBerry Curve 9315 with a 2.44inch 320 x 240 QVGA display, 1450mAh battery, Blackberry 7.1, 3.2 megapixel camera on the back. The carrier also expects to launch eagerly awaited devices such as LG Optimus L9 and HTC Windows Phone 8X.

HTC Windows Phone 8X Test at SFPic Courtesy: WPCentral

It is worthy to note that HTC Windows Phone 8X was caught on camera during a Network test in San Francisco last week. And T-Mobile was expected to launch the LG Optimus L9 soon with several leaked pics and reports recently.

Important highlights from the roadmap include:

# The October 24 launch of the BlackBerry Armstrong
# The October 29 launch of Samsung Galaxy S II (color refresh)
# The October 31 release of the LG Optimus L9 and the Huawei Summit, unknown Android devices
# The November 7 launch of the Samsung Toba, expected to be a new Samsung tablet
# The November 14 launch of the Dell BMW and HTC Windows Phone 8X.

But the roadmap did not show the Samsung Galaxy Note II, which is expected to launch Oct. 24.

Source: TMoNews

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