Lenovo plans to introduce Windows Phone 8 handsets this year

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Even though Lenovo introduced several mobile handsets and smartphones in the market for the customers, they haven’t unveiled any device powered by Windows Phone 8 operating system so far. In order to keep up to the competition, Lenovo has confirmed that it will introduce WP8 handsets as well.

At the International CES event Lenovo has introduced a 5.5-inch IdeaPhone K900 Phablet along with 5  dual-SIM Android phones to its line-up. The IdeaPhone K900 is powered by the latest Intel Clover Trail+ processor which will run Android OS. The other Dual SIM devices are IdeaPhone S890, IdeaPhone S770, IdeaPhone A800, IdeaPhone A690 and IdeaPhone P770.

Lenovo IdeaPhone K900

In an interview, D Howard, vice president of Lenovo’s Mobile Internet and Digital Home business group stated that as a manufacturer they are planning to introduce Windows Phone 8 smartphones and “there is a good chance, consumers will see a Lenovo-branded Windows Phone 8 handset in 2013”.

Security concerns are the main reason driving Lenovo towards looking into alternatives to Android. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 ensures high security with more secure operating system software than Google’s Android operating system. So, Lenovo has put in a proposal to develop smartphones running Windows Phone 8 OS to the management. More concrete decisions regarding the Windows Phone 8 handsets will be taken in April.

Source: ZDNet

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