Lenovo Smart Paper is an Android-powered E-ink tablet for $399


With Amazon pushing e-ink tablets so heavily, a few more manufacturers are also trying to come up with some of the best-performing e-ink tablets. It Seems Lenovo has the best answer to Amazon’s Kindle Scribe as an excellent note-taking device using an e-ink display. Along with the Tab Extreme, the manufacturer announced the new E-ink notepad at CES – called Lenovo Smart Paper.

The Smart paper is a lightweight E-ink tablet with a 10.3-inch anti-glare e-ink display (1872 x 1404 resolution), which is designed for note-taking on an anti-glare screen. It is actually an Android tablet with a customized skin on top of Android 11 AOSP, but you can’t install Android apps on it. It is powered by RockChip RK3566 quad-core chipset, and 4 gigabytes of RAM. With this tablet, Lenovo is providing a battery less stylus which can write notes and draw sketches with 23 milliseconds of latency and 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity. The stylus also has nine different pen settings such as pencil, ballpoint, calligraphy pen, and marker.

It comes with 64 GB of built-in storage, which is enough for 50,000 pages of doodles and scrawls. It lets you record voice record using the dual microphones. So that you can record an ongoing meeting or class, while taking the notes using the Pen. All will be synced, and you can also select some sentences to hear that portion of the recording. You can delete and reorganize notes, and copy them into folders. You can access millions of e-books and search saved books and articles that are on your Smart Paper.


Furthermore, you will be able to sync the notes to Android or iOS, as well as Windows, through a dedicated app for the device, which also supports cloud sync. That means you don’t have to worry if you leave your notepad at home, you will still be able to access all your stuff. You can also use it as a traditional e-ink e-reader, by grabbing many books from sources such as eBooks.com. There are also 74 different notepad templates to choose from including ruled, graph, and other styles of paper.

Under the hood, it has a 3,550 mAh battery, which is good for 7,000 pages on one charge, or writing 170 pages. Lenovo Smart Paper costs $399, that is $60 more expensive than Kindle Scribe. Along with the notepad, a Stylus and folio case are also bundled inside the retail box. It will be available for purchase later this year.

image source: Lenovo.com


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