LG Ally Software Update VS740ZVE Available To Download Now

LG Ally's Software Update VS740ZVE

Verizon Wireless has started pushing the Android 2.2.2 software update for the LG Ally handsets, the software update is bearing the build number “VS740ZVE”. FYI, back in January, the LG Ally has already upgraded with Froyo update. This new software update brings usual performance enhancements, along with some bug fixes and it helps to improve the SMS message delivery, improvement in the functionality of the ‘iheartradio’ stations. This update lets the users to dual ‘#’ or ‘*’ using the QWERTY keyboard in landscape mode and it also brings improvements to performance stability. No more innovational features included in this update.

A precise date for the upgrade has not been announced yet, but it could come to your handset pretty soon and you should be receiving an update to this new software update any day from now. Surprisingly, you should download the “Upgrade Utility app For Ally” from the Android Market, before you start downloading this OTA update. You may also be receiving a text message from Verizon like the one below which is alerting you to download the required app, in order for this update to go through.

Upgrade Utility App For LG Ally

How to get LG Ally’s Software Update (VS740ZVE)

To install Over-the-Air update, LG Ally users need to select “Menu” > “Settings” > “About Phone” > “System Updates” > “Restart and Install”. Software update is weighing 12.7MB of size and it will take 10-15 minutes to download and install it.

Download: Upgrade Utility App For LG Ally (hit the link).

[Source: Verizon, Android Market]

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