New Dual-Screen LG Handset Leaked Out Posing T-Mobile Logo; Could Be Flip II?

LG's Mysterious Dual Screen QWERTY Android Phone

It looks like T-Mobile is hiding out an LG handset, which is a dual-screen equipped and having a slide-out full QWERTY keyboard. The folks over Pocket-Lint have got their full hands on this handset at the Orange event in London. The source is claiming that this Android powered handset could be branded as LG Flip II, and according to customer representative it could be the leaked LG Maxx Q. This handset seems to be very interesting as it is having a smaller screen in the middle of the QWERTY keyboard. The report says that this is a US exclusive smartphone.

We can see that the primary screen is accommodating as many as 8 apps. The secondary screen will launch the apps that are present on it as shortcuts. The design of this mysterious handset is tallying with that of the Windows Phone 7 OS powered LG Quantum. Unfortunately, details are scarce about this handset and the source hasn’t provided any specifications of this unnamed handset. We will dig for information on this update and hopefully we will come with more updates. Stay tuned. Check out the more images after the break.

LG's Mysterious Dual Screen QWERTY Android Phone

LG's Mysterious Dual Screen QWERTY Android Phone

[Source: Pocket-lint]

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