LG G-Slate appeared in Korean Music video; shows 3D Camera?

LG G-Slate In Korean Music Video

We’ve been hearing the rumours about the possibility of 3D camera in LG G-Slate. Now it can be confirmed that it is going to have that possibility after the G-Slate spotted in Korean Music video of Korean pop star Seungri’s clip for “What Can I Do”[watch the video at below]. The video shows some sneak previews of the tablet back side, and it appears to show the dual cameras that would be needed for capturing 3D videos.

LG G-Slate has recently approved by FCC and those passing through images showing two holes on the back in the same locations also supports the 3D possibilities.

According the sources, LG’s G-Slate is going to have an 8.9 incher IPS WXGA touchscreen with a resolution of 1280×768 and the possibility of 3D display, 5MP backside camera, 1.3MP front-side camera, USB port, HDMI connector and the tablet will be running on Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core application processor and packed with a 6,300mAh battery. And the users can view the 3D content on the screen with out requiring any special glasses. LG G-Slate must be running with Android Honeycomb OS and it is expected to launch in US late February or early March through T-Mobile carriers.

LG G-Slate In Korean Music Video

LG G-Slate In Korean Music Video

[Source: BigBang(YouTube)]

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