Sprint May Get LG LS970 Eclipse With Quad-Core Snapdragon S4, 2GB RAM, 4G LTE [Rumor]

LG LS970 Eclipse

The LG Optimus LTE2 handset with more than enough memory of 2GB RAM is the latest edition from LG, which is set to release in the coming months. It looks like, an yet-to-be announced Android heavyweight, the “LG LS970” is rumored to be heading to Sprint network in the U.S., packing some impressive pretty high-end specifications. According to the source, the LS970 will be marketed as LG Eclipse for Sprint network

The LG LS970 Eclipse handset will reportedly feature a Qualcomm APQ8064 under the hood, which is the new quad-core 28nm Krait based Snapdragon S4 chip with the next-generation Adreno 320 GPU. So, a separate LTE data modem, MSM9615 will power the device.

LG LS970 Eclipse is also expected to carry the following specs:

# 4.7-inch display with an 1280 X 768 pixels of resolution
# A full 2GB of RAM
# A whopping 13 megapixel primary camera, a front-facing 1.3  megapixel shooter
# 16GB onboard storage
# 2100mAh battery
# A thickness of only 8.6 millimeters, weight of 146 grams
# LTE band 25

This device might be dubbed Eclipse 4G LTE when it releases by Sprint and according to the source, the LG LS970 handset is being called as “G” internally. After a quick look at its specs sheet it becomes evident that, LG is really trying hard to spoil Samsung’s Galaxy S III party.

Source: BriefMobile

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