LG says next-gen Nexus Rumor unfounded, no Nexus 4 supply issue

LG Nexus 4 handset

You might have already known that problem of Google’s Nexus 4 handset is not a new one. Due to technical difficulties, delayed orders and many other reasons, Google isn’t selling its flagship device well. So, it has been a hurdle for Google’s customers. In mid-December 2012, Ireland’s Google MD, Dan Cobley apologized to the mass of customers by updating on his Google+ page and explained the supplies from the manufacturer are insufficient and unpredictable.

You can note that last year, Google didn’t sell the device even on the busiest shopping days, Cyber and Black Friday due to the device was out of stock.

Few hours ago, we reported that LG is planning to introduce next-gen Nexus device at the Mobile World Congress 2013. So, they stopped Nexus 4 production in favor of the upcoming Nexus devices. But a new report has claimed that rumors of LG unveiling a next-gen Nexus device is baseless. The report was posted on a Chinese website “Chousen Ilbo” claiming that LG has stated the rumors about the manufacturer working on a next-gen Nexus device are “unfounded”. The source also claimed that there is no problem in supplying the device and the production is proceeding as planned at the Pyeongtaek plant in South Korea.

Source:Chosun Ilbo

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