[Download] LG Optimus 2X P990 Android 4.0 ICS Update Now Seeding in Europe

LG Optimus 2X P990 Android 4.0 ICS Update

Nearly one and a half years after made its debut, the LG Optimus 2X finally gets its long overdue update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich build. In fact, back in late October 2011, it won’t distribute an Ice Cream Sandwich update to the Optimus 2X P990. So, it’s a great relief for the owners of the Optimus 2X in Europe, as LG and Google have come to the rescue by sending out the official ICS update. With a wave of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean updates on the way for a slew of handsets such as Galaxy S III, Motorola Droid RAZR HD, Samsung Galaxy Note II and etc., you might feel like ICS is a bit out-dated, but at the same time, it should make it feel like a brand new phone once you’ve upgraded it with latest firmware update.

The latest firmware update bumped the software version up to V30a. the update brings Face Unlock, better browsing, resizable widgets, improved performance, Panorama feature addition in camera settings, re-arrangeable folders, favorites tray, data usage monitoring, enhanced talk-to-text and many more.

Folks in Korea have had already upgraded their handsets a few months ago.  The Optimus 2X owners in Europe who couldn’t wait for Ice Cream Sandwich goodies, we’ve some bad news for you. The update isn’t rolling out Over-The-Air (OTA).  Optimus 2X owners will need a PC, a micro USB cable and the LG Mobile support tool. No luck for the T-Mobile G2X owners yet, as those specific handsets will have to get approval from the carrier.

LG Optimus 2X P990 ICS Update V30a

How’s your ICS-running Optimus 2X? Feel free to let us know how the update process goes in the comment section below.

Source: XDA Developers Forum

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20 thoughts on “[Download] LG Optimus 2X P990 Android 4.0 ICS Update Now Seeding in Europe”

  1. This is a joke from LG.
    I tried do update, and the installer tells me that a ics version (v30a) was available.
    Ok, lets’go!

    But, after the upgrade processs… wait, the version installed was the v20r ???

    Now, the installer tells me that i have the v20r version installed, and there are no updates avalable…

    But, where is the v30a ???

    WTF LG!!!

    • Try updating today. The same thing happened to me, but when I tried again today, I got the proper ICS v30a update.

      The carrier free models received v30a a few days ago, but as mine was originally carrier locked, I didn’t get the update until now, so I assumed it was the same with yours.

  2. I had the same issue as Humberto. I’m in NZ, perhaps made the mistake of not firstly changing it to Europe. It did an update for NZ and it ‘updated’ but stayed on Gingerbread. If I change it to Europe it thinks I’ve got the latest Europe version. Annoying!

  3. Okay… there is something i hate now AGAINST LG phones now… when i was going to update my phone from 2.3.4 to 4.0 … i tried this twice on 2 different computers 1 Desktop and 1 Laptop and the same thing happened… while i was trying to update then it lost connection to my phone so it broke my phone ROM so i needed to reinstall it manualy with a special program TWICE! so when i can get a new phone i’m NOT going to get a LG phone, SCREW LG phones! i’m going to HTC or Sony Xperia phones, maybe Samsung phones… now i understand why LG Smartphones are so cheap.. they just sucks!

    • Mine worked perfectly took ages to download the 670+ meg file best at night but my old gingerbread Lg is now a great ICS version 30a and the signal reception is heaps better downloaded the US version was no europe version at the time


    • also it does not download right using some generic wireless dongles connection does not start or it will lose connection eg a generic Realtek wireless dongle just wont download the through the official LG site it just says no wireless available so used a railtek generic or do not shoot the messenger a wire link rather than wireless

    • as for not buying an LG again I think that LG has been getting an unfair rap lately the quad core Lg is a tad slower than that Samsung one and i really mean a little tiny bit but in some areas its better but the price difference, that Samsung 2 is still in the high 400 Aussie dollars mark but the lg is selling for 200 so lets be fair to lg I was of the same opinion never ever update and never ever an lg but the latest 30A is terrific my old losing signal device is like a new phone and I tried everything from pulling it apart and cleaning every part of it but the new version solved it all. oh don’t get me wrong the Samsung is great too but I don’t have a Samsung and the new quad core Huawei outperforms them all according to benchmarks got a present of a Samsung s3 returned it as the old LG p990 with 30A made the change nice but its not like at my age the phone never stops ringing so the P990 will sit there until it falls apart or stops.

  4. yo quiero actualizarlo pero me dice lg en mexico que no esta disponible; alguien sabe para cuando sera oficial aqui.


    si no ya en su caso meterle una rom modificada

    y concuerdo que las terminales lg son muy malas, lo que me molesta mas es que se alenten

  5. tried updating here as well (netherlands), and same complaints…took me an hour to wrestle through the %^&*LG software, finally downloaded upgrade succesfully, only to find out I’ve still got the older V20 version. frustrating! tried again today, but same story. I hope it still will come today or tomorrow. Bad advertising for LG.

  6. Today jan. 3 2013 LG-P990 finaly gets the 4.0 upgrade.
    I’m bus download it right now (while posting this).
    Can’t say anything more, coz my phone is still updating and dowloading it

  7. Mine constantly (approx. 1 time a day) reboots spontaneously after the update. That’s not a feature I like. Apart from that, the updated phone runs ok.

  8. updated awhile back, can’t use properly due to restarting 3 to 10 time a day. while it getting hot it restart every single minute, the last choice is to unplug the battery and keep it like 30 minute to cold down. crazy! anyone has the same problem? what the fix is?

  9. smooth animated home screen and menu navigation, but lot of lag from screen to screen. When i press dial button i wait 4-5 secs till be possible to make a phone if i m lucky. Sadly works slower than half spec phones with this. Also neocore from 81fps i used to score now drops to 58fps. I have roored the phone and almost nothing running background. My friends L7 is faster with one core 1000hz none tegra, and almost same scores at 3D!!! I ll search for a custom rom, this sucks big time, or better i ll get a non LG phone.

  10. I’ve tried to update my P990 in the Netherlands from OS 2.2 into 2.3.4 and finally ICS. Unfortunately when I was updating into 2.3.4 the process was jammed for approx. 35% of the total update. So I have tried to update it from the beginning again but I found out that I’m not able to see through my phone setting which OS version has been downloaded or the existing OS 2.2. Now my phone is not functioning at all!
    Since then every time I tried to update into OS 2.3.4 it stuck at 4% during software update process.
    Contacted LG several times about this particularly issue but they are not able to help me out.
    Anyone possible to assist me how to get my phone working again?
    Many thanks in advance for any reply!

  11. LG phone software builds are truly not so stable as HTC or Samsung. Especially when it comes for software updates.. it is a crime to get your needs through LG software update site.

  12. Some one help me please!
    I updated my p990 by LGMobile support tool software;
    at first it updated to Android2.3.4(gingerbread) and my phone was working corectly
    then updated to Android4.0.4(ics), but now its wifi can’t find access points and connect to them,
    whereas i already with Android2.2.2(first version) could find and connect to the access points.
    what should I do!?
    please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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