LG Optimus 2X Rolling Out Firmware Update To Fix Random Reboots

LG Optimus 2X is the world’s first dual-core processor powered smartphone and it has even managed to get into the Guinness book for that. Of course, things changed and we’re now considering smartphones with quad-core processors like NVIDIA Tegra 3 (or Kal-El) as high-end mobile phones. In order to gain the “first dual-core powered smartphone in the world” tag, developers at LG had to wrap up things in a hurry and some of the code wasn’t optimized thoroughly which resulted in random reboots and random freezing where the interface becomes unresponsive. This has obviously irked the users who regularly complained about it on various discussion boards and few users even launched an online petition demanding LG to fix the bugs resulting in random boots.

LG Optimus 2X

Looks like LG has finally listened to numerous complaints about the bugs in LG Optimus 2X and has posted a note on it Facebook page. According to the posting, LG Optimus 2X users will soon receive a software update starting mid to end of May which will include a stabilized patch to prevent random rebooting/freezing. The update will so include improved multimedia player support. The update is initially set to roll out in Europe. LG, however hasn’t shared any information about the update roll out to carrier branded Optimus 2X variants like the T-Mobile G2X. And as far as we know, these bugs have been reported by some G2X users as well. The T-Mobile G2X users in the US will get the update only after it gets approved by the carrier and the same will take a bit of time. If you are an Optmius 2X user and has already received the update, do you see any improvements? Let us know though the comments.

[Source: Facebook] [Via Phandroid]

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