LG Optimus 3D with glasses-free screen and 3D camera unveiling at MWC 2011: Official

LG Optimus 3D Leaked Image

Late Yesterday, we’ve seen the above leaked image of an unknown phone and we had predicted it as the rumoured LG Optimus 3D. Proving that instance, LG has officially confirmed that it will be unveiling it’s new handset, Optimus 3D at Mobile world Congress show on February 13th in Barcelona. LG Optimus 3D is the first phone to bring the “full 3D experience.”

The LG Optimus 3D comes with dual-lens 3D camera, 3D recording, sharing and viewing capability, a glasses-free LCD display, but still, it will present the extra dimension 3D effect for the viewer, much like the Nintendo 3DS screen.

LG Optimus 3D is also having HDMI output and DLNA connectivity for sharing your 3D content. No word on any other specs, but LG has promised that it will deliver a “complete platform” addressing the lack of 3D content. According to sources, Optimus 3D is expected to having a Dual Core Processor & Multi-channel RAM, and a front-facing camera.

So guys, we will be having full eye feast of the LG’s 3D phone in the coming days.

[Source: LG]

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