LG promises to upgrading Optimus One handsets to Gingerbread

LG Optimus with GingerbreadAndroid 2.3 Gingerbread

LG has made a best decision for its customers. In a Public Notice issued by LG itself, they have announced that all of the Optimus One handsets(Optimus T, Optimus U, Optimus S, Optimus M, Vortex) would be getting upgraded to the latest Android 2.3 OS Gingerbread in future.

“LG will upgrade all Optimus One smartphones currently using the Froyo OS to the next version of the Android OS, Gingerbread. Details of the upgrade schedule will be announced locally in due course. We sincerely apologize for the confusion and misunderstanding that was caused regarding this issue.”

Just 2 days before, LG’s guys on Facebook stated that the Optimus handsets wont be getting Android 2.3 upgrades and their only reason is Gingerbread requires 1 GHz processor, where as the Optimus smartphone is a mid-range device and it is running on 600 MHz processor.

But thanks to LG, they came up with this great decision about upgrading Optimus One handsets to Gingerbread, by making those Facebook statements untrue.

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