LG Optimus Slider aka Gelato Hitting Sprint On September 11th?

The leaked T-Mobile 2011 Lineup has revealed that the LG Optimus II aka Gelato handset is heading to launch later this year. A recently leaked screenshot (in the first week of June) of Sprint’s inventory system has also revealed the Gelato listing. But we couldn’t trace out the launch details of this handset. And now another new Sprint document leaked again, and the same document revealed the release dates of BlackBerry Torch 9850 aka Monaco (on August 21st), and Samsung Conquer 4G aka SPH-D600 (on September 21st). According to this doc, the LG Optimus Slider aka Gelato will be releasing on September 11th.

Sprint's LG Optimus Slider aka Gelato Release Date Leaked

The handset’s name is hinting us that the Gelato would be having a slide-out QWERTY keyboard for sure. The word ‘Gelato’ means Italian ice cream. So we can guess that the Gelato might be arriving pre-installed with the Android 2.4 Ice Cream Sandwich OS, which was unveiled at Google I/O 2011 event. Android 2.4 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system is scheduled to release later this year (in Q4 2011). This OS version will combine the latest Gingerbread OS and the tablet optimized Honeycomb OS – it’ll be a universal OS that runs on everything from Android phones to 10-inch tablets.

[Source: CrackBerry]

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