Sprint’s LG Optimus Slider Meets The FCC

Earlier, we’ve seen a rendered image of the Sprint’s upcoming Android powered LG Optimus Slider smartphone, and now we’ve just learned that the handset has just passed the FCC’s regulations. Based on its name, the handset could be featuring a side-sliding QWERTY keyboard that slides down from underneath. We’ve been hearing about this Optimus Slider very much through the leaked documents, and it may even have been leaked under the LG Q moniker through Sprint ID app recently. According to a leaked document of Sprint’s inventory system, LG Optimus Slider might be hitting the U.S. markets on September 11th. It is also known as LG Gelato Q, and the model number is LS700. This handset has also passed through the FCC last month with support for CDMA/EV-DO on the 850/1900MHz bands of Verizon with the model number “VS700”.

LG Optimus Slider Meets The FCC LG Optimus Slider Meets The FCC

Both the hardware and software details of the LG Optimus Slider handset are still scarce. It is expected to feature a HVGA touchscreen with a resolution of 480 × 320 pixels. We still have our doubts about the QWERTY keyboard for this handset, and many tech blogs are guessing that it could be the LG dual screen Android slider, the one we saw with T-Mobile logo. But the letter “Q” in its codename seems to suggest that a physical QWERTY keyboard will be equipped to it.  The version of the Android OS  that the handset runs is also not known yet. It is rumored to be shipping with Android 2.4 Ice Cream Sandwich OS, based on its code name Gelato, which means Ice Cream in Italian language.

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Price & Availability

There is still no word on the release date, and the price info of the LG Optimus Slider handset. Now that there is a press shot image of the handset, and that it just hit the FCC, we can guess we’re getting closer to its launch.

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