[Download] LG Spectrum Root Accessing Method Available Now


More than a week ago, a security researcher Dan Rosenberg has successfully uncovered a root method for the Verizon branded Motorola Droid 4 handset. Yesterday, he has also discovered a root method for another Verizon branded LG Spectrum handset. He has provided batch scripts to root the LG Spectrum handset that work under Windows, Linux and OS X platforms.

Rosenberg also states that

I encourage anyone thinking of donating in thanks to direct your donation to the American Red Cross or another reputable charitable organization. If you absolutely insist on throwing money at me, you can donate below.”

As he mentioned above, If you’d like to donate for a good cause, just click through his Paypal Account link. We’d highly recommend supporting him by donating as his intention is great and all your funds will go directly to charity – the American Red Cross.


You can download the batch scripts to root the LG Spectrum handset from the appropriate links provided here at below.


How To Root LG Spectrum

Instructions below.

# You’ll need to have USB debugging enabled in the Application settings menu of your LG Spectrum handset.
# Connect the handset to a PC machine via USB.
# Extract the downloaded Zip file from the above link.
# Execute “run.bat” (on Windows) or “run.sh” from a terminal (on Linux/OSX).

Source: Vulnfactory.org

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