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LG’s smartphone business hasn’t been doing too good, but nobody thought they would shut down their mobile division. Despite exiting the market, the Korean manufacturer has promised to lend support for some of its existing devices, with the LG Wing and the LG Velvet reportedly getting Android 13. For those of you who own an LG Velvet 5G phone (not the 4G model), you know that the company has finally started rolling out the latest Android 13 OS update in South Korea regions. A Reddit user who own the LG Velvet 5G device, confirmed about the rollout of Android 13.

The Velvet 5G was released in May 2020, and later it got upgraded to Android 12 in March 2022. Now, the update to Android 13 is currently rolling out to Velvet 5G in the South Korea, which is home market for LG. Presumably the global variants of the phone across the world are next in line to receive the Android 13 treat. This is a pretty big deal for the LG Velvet 5G users.

The update comes with firmware version V40b-Jan-17-2023. The update’s changelog is short, but you should expect to receive all the goodies that Google introduced into the Android 13 build release last year, along with the new media player controls to the lock screen and notification bar. The users will be able to scan QR code from the quick setting window. The update has also added a notification permission feature into this build.

What’s new in Android 13 that you should be aware of? The full changelog is below.

Android 13 Changes:

  • A device control shortcut icon can be displayed on the lock screen. Modify preview share text for copied text or images
    Added possible.
  • You can view and stop apps that are currently active in the status notification window.
  • The multi-window function has been simplified.
  • The functions of the music and video controllers displayed in the status notification window have been improved.
  • App notification permission setting function has been added.
  • QR code scan function has been added to the quick settings window.

It’s worth mentioning that the update is rolling out in phases right now for a limited number of users, and a broader rollout will commence in the coming weeks if no bugs are found. The new build weighs 1.37GB of size.

If you haven’t received the update yet, you can check for it manually by navigating to your LG Velvet’s Settings > About Phone > Check for Software update menu.

The LG Velvet users are advised not to expect any additional Android updates, this is the end of the line with the phone now being more than three years old. But, LG will provide Android security updates throughout this year.

Source: Reddit


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