LG200 (LG Saber) Available On Virgin Mobile payLo

LG200 Virgin Mobile

Sprint-owned Virgin Mobile has announced a new messaging phone manufactured by LG, the LG200. It is a feature phone and the tag “sometimes you just don’t need an app for that” aptly suits the phone. LG200 is basically a rebranded version of LG Saber aimed at customers who don’t look for advanced features and app support but just a basic phone features like making / receiving calls, sending text messages, taking pictures etc.

LG200 comes with a full QWERTY keypad that allows users to type the text messages faster, a 2.2-inch color screen display, address book capable of storing up to 600 contacts, VGA camera with 2X digital zoom, 4 hours of talk time, 12.5 days of standby mode, a One-Touch speakerphone, Bluetooth 2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate etc.

LG200 is available for $69.99 sans taxes on Virgin Mobile’s payLo service offering 1500 minutes of voice calls, 500 text, picture or video messages and 10MB of data usage at $30 per month. The phone is currently available for purchase at Virgin Mobile stores and at its official website. Looks like Best Buy will offer the phone starting May 22 but we don’t yet have the information about the pricing.

Buy Online:

You can purchase the LG200 at this Virgin Mobile webpage (hit the link) at $69.99

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