Mac OS X Lion Priced at $29.99, Coming in July at Mac Stores Only

max os x lion features

At the opening of the Apple’s WWDC 2011 Keynote, Apple is talking about iOS 5, iCloud, iWork and the all new Mac OS x aka Lion. Here I am reporting about the Mac OS X Lion. The new Mac has quite a lot of interesting features. Some of the features as shown in the demo are briefed follows:

1. Multi Touch Gestures: Now you mac touch pad will behave like a touch screen with certain gestures which it understands. Multi-touch tap-to-zoom, pinching, two or three finger swiping etc. This new feature will make scroll bar less pages, more physical interaction and much more.

2. Inbuilt Mac App Store: This is inbuilt to the Lion OS and this will be a place where you can purchase and install new Mac Desktop applications. It enhances in-app purchases, push notifications, and boost security too.

3. Resume and Auto Save: The resume feature will bring back to you all the windows, applications you had opened right back to you. The Auto save feature will save everything for you, even in the case of crashes and it will even maintain versions of files and documents.

4. Airdrop: This is the new file and resource sharing through Wi-Fi. It will auto discover and setup peer Wi-Fi. Send data through confirmation and it will be encrypted.

5. Mail: The new mail in Lion will have advanced search capabilities and user-friendliness. It will even suggest email subjects according to what you search for.

Well these are the updates we have got from different sources such as live bloggers and live streams of the conference.

max os x lion price

The New OS will be stunningly priced low at only $29.99. It will be only available at Mac app stores from this July. The OS will be 4GB of size and it can be installed at Macs you own once bought.

[image courtesy and via: engadget]

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