[Manual Download] Amazon Kindle Fire’s Software Update 6.2.1 Available Now

Amazon Kindle Fire

One of the cheapest Android tablets, the Amazon Kindle Fire is currently being treated with a new software update now. Just a a week ago, Amazon has rolled out a software update 6.2 for Kindle bringing the improvements to the operation of the tablet. Now, the manufacturer begins rolling out a new software update for Kindle Fire, carrying a couple of improvements and other features. This is just a minor update, bearing the the new software version 6.2.1_user_3103920. The full chanelog of the 6.2.1 update for Kindle Fire is as follows;

# Enhancement for fluidity and performance.
# Users can now remove books, apps or other content from the carousel of recently used items on the home screen.
# Smoother Scrolling.
# Addition of the ability to add password to turn on Wi-Fi connectivity.
# Disconnect the Kindle Fire by tapping the "Disconnect" button on your Kindle Fire home screen.


Amazon Kindle Fire Software Update 6.2.1

The 6.2.1 software update is currently being rolled out via OTA (Over-The-Air) process, so you need to keep checking your device for notification alerts about the update on your tablet’s homescreen. If you don’t want to wait till update hits your tablet, you can also update the device manually. Amazon has provided  OTA package of the new update to download. Follow the step by step instruction provided here and install the new update on your Kindle Fire.

How To Manual Download 6.2.1 Update & Install it on Kindle Fire:

# Download 6.2.1 Software Update (update-kindle-6.2.1_D01E_3103920.bin) for Kindle Fire.
# Connect the Kindle Fire (with full battery) to the PC machine via USb cable after the unlocking the screen of the Kindle Fire.
# Copy the above downloaded update file to “kindleupdates” folder on your Kindle Fire tablet drive.
# Launch the “Quick Settings” icon in the top right corner of Kindle Fire’s homescreen –> tap "More…"  button then Device –> Select "Update Your Kindle" button now.
# Kindle Fire reboots, showing off the Fire logo on the screen.
# Device reboots again.
# That’s it. Update finishes successfully.
# Current Software version should be shown as 6.2.1 in More –> Device –> System Version path.

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