Early look: March 2023 Pixel Feature Drop for Pixel phones and watches

March 2023 Feature Drop for Google Pixel phones and watches



The latest Feature Drop update from Google, which usually comes along with the March security patch on the first Monday of the month, did not arrive as expected this time. However, a Reddit user shared some of the highlight features of the March 2023 Pixel Feature Drop update that are expected to come with the update for the newest Google Pixel phones as well as the upcoming Pixel Watch.

It is worth noting that the features mentioned here are merely the most prominent ones listed on promotional materials and do not constitute a comprehensive changelog.

What’s new in March 2023 Pixel Feature Drop

According to a Reddit user who shared the anticipated features of the latest Google Feature Drop update, the Pixel 6 series will receive the new and faster Night Sight, which was first introduced with the Pixel 7 series. Moreover, Pixel 4a phones and above will finally have access to the Direct My Call feature, which allows users to view all available menu options during a call without having to listen to the entire menu.

In addition to the Night Sight and Direct My Call features, the latest Google Feature Drop update will reportedly bring the Magic Eraser feature to all Pixel phones, regardless of whether users are subscribed to Google One or not. Although this feature is already available to Google One subscribers, including those who use iPhones.

The update will also introduce a new Health Connect app, which will enable users to share their fitness data across multiple fitness apps and consolidate their data in one convenient location.

Furthermore, the highly anticipated Google Feature Drop update is expected to include Fall Detection for Pixel Watch and Pixel 5 phones or newer models. When a fall is detected, the Pixel Watch will promptly assess the user’s responsiveness, and if no response is received, the device will automatically request help. The sophisticated algorithm driving this feature has been meticulously trained to distinguish between actual falls and minor tumbles, in order to prevent unnecessary distress calls.

Despite the usual schedule for Google’s Feature Drop and security patch updates, no official announcement has been made as to when they will be released this month. Nevertheless, the latest Google Play system update for February 2023 has already been rolled out.

Source: Reddit

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