Massive Pixel Fold Leak Reveals Full Specs, Price, and More

This year, we are anticipating the launch of the much-awaited Pixel Fold, along with the regular A-series upgrade featuring the Pixel 7a. A recent leak has shed light on the possible release date for both phones, giving us an idea of when to expect them in stores.

Front Page Tech’s Jon Prosser has released a video with all the potential details for the highly anticipated Google Pixel Fold, and it’s got fans of the tech giant buzzing. As expected, with the Google I/O event just around the corner, rumors and early details about the upcoming device have been swirling for some time now, and Prosser’s latest video offers a deep dive into what we can expect from Google’s first foldable phone.

In a recent video, Jon Prosser from Front Page Tech revealed some highly anticipated details about the upcoming Google Pixel Fold. Prosser confirmed that the foldable will be priced at $1,799 and will be available in two colors: Chalk and Obsidian, with 256GB storage. For those looking for more storage space, there will be a 512GB option available in Obsidian only for $1,919. Despite the high price tag, Google plans to sweeten the deal by offering a free Pixel Watch to everyone who pre-orders the device.

In addition to the pricing and pre-order information, Prosser also provided a summary of what was previously reported about the Pixel Fold’s launch. According to his sources, the device will be announced on May 10th, and pre-orders will be available through Google’s online store. However, if you plan to purchase the Pixel Fold through a carrier or retailers such as Amazon or Best Buy, you’ll have to wait until May 30th. The foldable is expected to hit store shelves on June 27th.

Prosser’s latest video also reveals that the Pixel Fold’s design will be similar to the OPPO Find N2. The foldable will feature an inner display with a 7.6-inch OLED panel and a 6:5 aspect ratio. The panel is said to have a resolution of 2208×1840 with a 120Hz refresh rate for a smoother display experience.

Prosser also revealed that the Pixel Fold’s outer display will feature a 5.8-inch OLED screen with a 17.4:9 aspect ratio. It will have a resolution of 2092 x 1080 (FHD+) and a 120Hz refresh rate, which will make for smooth scrolling and better overall performance. This outer display is intended for quick tasks such as checking notifications, while the inner display is for more immersive experiences such as streaming videos and playing games.

This seems to indicate that the Pixel Fold will be a high-performance device, with plenty of processing power, storage, and memory for multitasking and running demanding applications. The Tensor G2 chip, which is also expected to power the upcoming Pixel 7a, is Google’s latest custom-designed system-on-chip, and is said to offer improved AI and machine learning capabilities. The generous amount of storage and RAM should also help ensure smooth performance and speedy app launches.

Just to clarify, the Tensor G2 chip is being paired with 256GB or 512GB of storage and 12GB of RAM on the Pixel Fold, as per the information provided by Jon Prosser. The same chip is also used in the Pixel 7 series.

Prosser’s report on the Pixel Fold’s camera is quite detailed. To complement the foldable device’s hardware, Prosser suggests that the Pixel Fold will have two cameras on the rear. The primary camera is reported to be a 48MP sensor with 0.8 μm pixel width, f/1.7 aperture, and a sensor size of 1/2″. The telephoto lens is a 10.8MP sensor with a 1.22 μm pixel width, f/3.05 aperture, and a 1/3.1″ image sensor size. The telephoto lens will have 5x optical zoom with up to 20x digital zoom. Lastly, the ultrawide lens is a 10.8MP sensor with 1.25 μm pixel width, f/2.2 aperture, 121.1° field of view, and a 1/3″ image sensor size.

According to Prosser, Google’s decision to include two selfie cameras is a bit surprising. The outer display will feature a 9.5MP Fixed Focus camera with an f/2.2 aperture, while the inner display will have an 8MP Fixed Focus camera, which is a more traditional approach compared to the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s Under Display Camera technology.

The sensor configuration is the most intriguing aspect of this camera setup. Initially, we were anticipating the identical camera sensors used in the Pixel 7 Pro. The Pixel Fold, just like the Pixel 7 series, will come equipped with Google One VPN.

Prosser did not provide specific details about the Pixel Fold’s battery capacity. However, he did mention that the device is expected to offer a battery life of “beyond 24-hours,” and in Extreme Battery Saver Mode, it can last for up to 72 hours. It is unclear if this mode will significantly limit the device’s functionality.

Indeed, the Pixel Fold is expected to be one of the most expensive foldable phones on the market, with a starting price of $1,799 for the 256GB version and $1,919 for the 512GB version. According to Prosser, the Pixel Fold will be quite heavy, weighing 283g, which is even more than the Galaxy Z Fold 5 that’s rumored to weigh just 254g. Additionally, Prosser also notes that the Pixel Fold will be about half an inch thick, making it feel bulky in pockets, particularly as we head into the warmer shorts season.

Here’s a quick specs recap for the Google Pixel Fold:

  • 7.6-inch foldable inner display with 2208×1840 resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, and 380ppi
  • 5.8-inch outer display with 2092×1080 resolution, 120Hz refresh rate
  • Tensor G2 chip with 12GB of RAM
  • 256GB or 512GB of storage
  • Dual rear camera setup: 48MP main sensor with OIS and f/1.7 aperture, 10.8MP ultrawide sensor with 121-degree FoV and f/2.2 aperture
  • 9.5MP fixed focus front camera on outer display, 8MP fixed focus front camera on inner display
  • Battery life expected to last “beyond 24 hours” with up to 72 hours in Extreme Battery Saver Mode
  • Comes with Google One VPN
  • Price: $1,799 for 256GB model, $1,919 for 512GB model in Obsidian color; comes with free Pixel Watch for pre-orders
  • Available for pre-order on May 10, in stores on June 27.

Naturally, it’s important to take any leaked information with a grain of salt, especially when it comes to details like availability, pricing, and bonus offers for purchasing the Fold. While hardware specs are unlikely to change significantly this close to launch, other details such as pricing and announcement plans can be altered at the last minute. Prosser himself cautions in his video that some of the information he’s sharing may not be entirely accurate or could change before the official announcement.


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