MediaTek’s Flagship Dimensity 9200+ Confirmed To Unveil on May 10

Dimensity 9200+

MediaTek has finally confirmed the upcoming release of its flagship SoC, the Dimensity 9200+, on May 10th. This announcement follows several weeks of speculation and rumours regarding the next iteration of the chipset, which was first unveiled in November as the Dimensity 9200.

As per information shared by Digital Chat Station, the primary 1 x ARM Cortex-X3 prime core in the upcoming MediaTek Dimensity 9200+ flagship SoC will have a clock speed of 3.35GHz, as compared to 3.05GHz in the previous 9200 version. Additionally, the 3 x A715 performance cores will have a clock speed of 3.0GHz, up from 2.85GHz, and the 4 x A510 power-efficient CPU cores will have a clock speed of 2.0GHz, compared to 1.8GHz, which will result in an overall increase in CPU performance.

It is important to note that benchmark scores are not always indicative of real-world performance and should be taken with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, the expected benchmark score of 1.3 million points for the Dimensity 9200+ is an impressive feat, and if it can deliver on its promises, it could be a game-changer in the mobile processor market.

According to reports, MediaTek’s new flagship SoC, the Dimensity 9200+, is anticipated to outperform its predecessor, the Dimensity 9200, which already scored a remarkable 1.36 million points on AnTuTu, surpassing all current Android flagship phones. The upcoming chip is expected to exceed this score and even beat the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, with the potential to achieve a score of 1.3 million points or more. This makes it an attractive option for smartphone manufacturers seeking high-performance chips to power their devices.

Dimensity 9200+ AnTuTu Scores

The upcoming Dimensity 9200+ SoC from MediaTek is expected to power several smartphones including the iQOO Neo8 Pro, the upcoming ROG Phone 7 variant, and a Redmi phone. iQOO has already hinted at using this chip in its future smartphones. As for the exact details and performance of the chip, we will have to wait until its official announcement on May 10th to know more.


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