Meizu 20 Fold: The First Foldable Smartphone with a 200MP Main Camera?

Meizu, the Android smartphone manufacturer, is reportedly preparing to make a big splash in the foldable device market. Meizu has already made a comeback in the premium Android market and is now reportedly aiming to compete with the likes of Xiaomi by venturing into the foldable device segment. The company’s inaugural entry in this category is expected to be called the “Meizu 20 Fold,” positioning it as Meizu’s top-of-the-line flagship for 2023.

In addition, rumors suggest that Meizu’s debut foldable device will boast a top-of-the-line main camera that outperforms Samsung’s 2023 Galaxy Z Fold-series flagship. The camera is expected to support cutting-edge features such as 8K video recording, advanced pixel-binning technology, and rapid auto-focus capabilities.

Meizu’s recenetly launched 20 series (Meizu 20 and 20 Pro) of smartphones have featured main cameras with up to 50MP, but the company’s upcoming foldable device is rumored to have a whopping 200MP main shooter. This potential development would be a significant achievement for Meizu, particularly given reports that Samsung has no plans to upgrade its future Galaxy Z Fold series beyond that level of camera quality

The rumored Meizu 20 Fold is expected to feature the ISOCELL HP1 sensor for its 200MP main camera, which is a significant step up from the 50MP main cameras seen in the company’s previous 20 series smartphones. Despite not using the newer HP2 sensor found in Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra, the Meizu 20 Fold is still expected to incorporate some of the best features from Samsung’s flagship, including “Double Super PD Focus” and 4- to 16-pixel binning for high-resolution stills. If these rumors prove to be true, the Meizu 20 Fold could be a formidable competitor to other foldable devices on the market.

It’s important to note that these are all just rumors and leaks at this point, so it’s best to take them with a grain of salt until Meizu makes an official announcement about its foldable device. While the camera specs and features sound impressive, we won’t know for sure until the device is actually released and reviewed by experts in the field.

Source: Weibo

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