Microsoft Office for iOS and Android may arrive early next year

MS Office

iOS and Android users may see a mobile version of Microsoft Office designed for their devices soon. Microsoft has confirmed the existence of the product but has kept mum about a specific launch date and other details.

The Verge reported that the version of the widely used Microsoft Office suite will be released in early 2013. The Mobile Office App will be available on iOS and Android devices for free.

As you already know Microsoft account will be the key for using the Office app. Your Microsoft account will provide access to the basic viewing functionality. In order to get the edit facility, you need to subscribe to Office 365(not free) which can be done from within the apps. Mobile Office will support Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel documents.

Microsoft Office 365

Last month, it was rumored that Microsoft is planning to release Mobile Office for iOS and Android, with a consumer launch scheduled for the end of February 2013. But Microsoft later clarified that this information was not accurate. However now there is no doubt about Office supporting iOS and Android because the company spokesperson recently commented that “Office will work across Windows Phone, iOS, and Android”

Do note that the mobile version cannot replace your Office in your desktop or laptop as the in-app editing will be just basic in functionality.

Source: TheVerge

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