[Download] Microsoft OneNote for Android Available Now


Back in 2011, Microsoft has released the OneNote app for both the Apple iPhone and iPad devices. No, the Redmond company has expanded its One Note application support for Android platform.

With the help of the One Note app (which is quite popular as part of Office 2010), you will have the ability to email your notes right from your Android phone. You can access, create and edit up to 500 notes. You can also delete the notes that you no longer need. You can keep continue taking and editing notes, by upgrading the OneNote app to unlimited use through an in-app purchase for $5.

You can also take notes on your Android handset including texts, pictures, checkboxes and bullet points and sync them using SkyDrive from your Android device for later usage, so that you can edit and manage them from virtually from your PC or any web browser whenever you need them. That means, OneNote app is having the same feature that works very similarly to Google Docs by syncing with SkyDrive storage account automatically.


You can download the OneNote app from Android Market for free. Or else, you can grab it from link provided here at below. The app is weighing 7MB of size and you should be having Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS (or a newer version) running device to use this application.

Link – Microsoft OneNote for Android.

Video overview of the app and more pictures after the break.

Microsoft-OneNote-Android-01 Microsoft-OneNote-Android-02

Microsoft-OneNote-Android-04 Microsoft-OneNote-Android-06


Source: Android Market

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