Microsoft Surface Pro Price Confirmed ($899 for 64GB, $999 for 128GB)

Microsoft Surface Pro

Finally, Microsoft has officially confirmed the price of the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet. General Manager of the Microsoft Surface, Panos Panay, on Microsoft’s official blog confirmed that pricing of the tablets will start at $899 for 64GB edition, which is comparable to the price tag of ultrabook laptops. According to some reports, Microsoft has reportedly cut in half the orders for Surface RT tablets now (covering only two million units) in order to speed up the release of the Windows 8 Pro Surface tablet. But, it looks like consumers will have to wait till next year. The new Surface Pro tablet swill start arriving in stores in January of next year. There’s no specific mention about the exact release date. In fact, Surface Pro tablet was supposed to release 90 days after the Surface RT hit the stores on October 26.

For those who prefer bullet points, here are the detailed price tags of the Surface Pro tablet:

64GB Surface Pro + Stylus Pen – $899
128GB Surface Pro + Stylus Pen – $999

Microsoft has confirmed have to pay separately to buy the Touch or Type cover for the Surface Pro tablet. That means you will have to shell out more than $1000 up front to grab the device. Microsoft is currently offering the Surface RT 32GB model at $500, and the 64GB version with a Touch Cover goes for $700.

Microsoft Surface Pro

If you need a specs refresher, the Surface Pro ships with Windows 8 Pro OS with an Intel Core i5 CPU inside. It has got a 10.6-inch screen with 1920×1080 (1080p) resolution, a 42Wh battery, full size USB3.0 port, and it also features pen input to take notes and sketch in apps, and users can run apps designed for the Windows desktop, as well as the Modern UI apps in the Windows Store.

Source: Microsoft Blog

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