Microsoft Teams up with Devicescape to get WP8 users access to 12 million Wi-Fi hotspots

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The Wi-Fi offload company, Devicescape announced that it has licensed Wi-Fi data from its Curated Virtual Network (CVN) to Microsoft for Windows Phone 8. They are teaming up mainly to allow Windows Phone 8 users to easily and reliably locate high-quality hotspots leading to a significantly improved user experience while reducing mobile data costs.

Devicescape offers Wi-Fi software solutions that makes mobile devices easy to set up, easy to use, and easily connect to any Wi-Fi network. Unlike others unsystematic technologies and clumsy software, Devicescape’s Easy Wi-Fi product is comprehensive and easy to integrate.

Devicescape said its Wi-Fi data will be made available as “a core capability in Windows Phone 8″ from next month. It will allow Windows Phone 8 users “to locate free and popular Wi-Fi hotspots”, noted Reid Kuhn, Windows Phone Program Manager in a statement.

It is the first time that Devicescape has partnered with Microsoft. It is giving Microsoft access to its curated virtual network of 12 million hotspots. Devicescape will power the Wi-Fi hotspots map that is part of Microsoft’s Data Sense application, one of the new features of the Windows Phone 8. Data Sense is a suite of services intended to help users better manage their data usage and stay under their monthly data capacity.

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In order to get access to the Wi-Fi mapping solution, users can enter through the Data Sense app and go to the control panel and select Wi-Fi map. Then launch a service that just shows the hotspots; and use Bing search’s Local Scout feature to find nearby hotspots or access the map through the phone’s Wi-Fi settings.

Verizon Wireless is so far the only U.S. carrier that will take advantage of Data Sense for its Windows Phones.

Source: Devicescape
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