Rumor: Microsoft Preparing A Windows 8 Tablet?

Microsoft Windows 8 first look

Looks like there’s going to be a tablet war among the big names in the industry in the coming months. According to an article from DigiTimes, Microsoft is keen on launching its own branded Windows 8 tablet by the end of 2012. Though we need to take this rumor with a pinch of salt, imagining a Windows 8 tablet from Microsoft would just fill the Microsoft/Windows lovers faces with joy. The tablet market is clearly dominated by Apple, which introduced its first ever tablet PC, the iPad in March 2010. Since then the iPad holds the majority of the market share. The launch of iPad 2 earlier this year has proved it once again. And then the foray of Android tablets from various manufactures and even RIM getting entering the market with its PlayBook is a clear indication of how much prominence the market still holds.

Microsoft may want to do what Google has done with Nexus branded Android phones. The Redmond company may try to come up with tablets that will set as a standard for even other manufacturers to launch their own Windows 8 based tablets.

However Microsoft’s attempts to produce hardware haven’t been without some failures. The latest example being the Microsoft Kin mobile phone series.

Well, we can’t just tell anything from these rumors, anyway 2012 is still a long way to go. Meanwhile let’s first see how Windows 8 is going to shape up.

[Source: DigiTimes]

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