Microsoft updated Windows phone 7 Connector for Mac

WP7 Connector For Mac

Microsoft has just launched launched a new update to its Windows Phone 7 Connector software for Mac, Its still in ‘beta’ version, but it brings new features, other minor tweaks and numerous bug fixes. The present “Critical” update now allows users to ‘sync media content’ they’ve purchased from their WP7 handset to their computer and it also has a ‘new set-up procedure’, and brings new features to the file browsing tool, including ‘delete files on the device’, ‘previewing files’ that are on the handset and ‘manual file imports’ from the handset. But Apple Lossless encoded files still need to converted if necessary. It’s made using Apple’s guidelines for UIs, so it’s pretty good like iTunes.

Improvements and Fixes

# Performance improvements in sync/transfer process of media content
# Better handling of photos with Apple’s iPhoto and support for iPhoto 11
# Improved video preparation process
# Better support for pin lock and unlock of device
# Improved meta data transfer settings
# Fixed issues  where some AAC/MP4 files doesn’t play on the phone

Windows Phone 7 users of Macs have to look for the updated software in the Microsoft AutoUpdate app are the users will be alerted by the software to update the latest beta version next time it launches. (Click on the below image, which shows how ‘AutoUpdate’ captures the new updates.)

WP7 Connector For Mac

Hit the Download link from your mobile browser to get Windows Phone 7 Connector(beta) for Mac.

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