[Download] MOTOACTV Gets 4.55.97/4.56.97/4.57.97/4.58.97 Software Update


Back in December, Motorola has rolled out the software update 4.55.67 for its MOTOACTV devices. Now, the manufacturer has started rolling out a new firmware update 4.55.97 for the device. The update 4.55.97 is being rolled out for the U.S. variant of the 8GB MotoActv device, while the U.K. variant of the 8GB MotoActv device is getting 4.56.97 update. Likewise, 16GB MotoActv variants are also receiving 4.57.97/4.58.97 software upgrades.

The new update is bringing longer battery life, a new status bar, and the ability to lock the screen. Manu users are reporting that batter life is exceptionally displeasing. Hopefully, this latest firmware update serves batter battery life. Here is the full changelog of the new update:

# Longer battery life up to 9 hours of uninterrupted workout time outdoors.
# New Status Bar lets you to see how long your batter will last.
# You can lock or unlock Workout Screen to prevent unwanted display activation by double pressing the Power key.
# Enhanced Auto-Pause and Auto-Run.Now, you can choose between indoor/outdoor Auto-Run options.
# Now you can repeat a planned workout even if it had been previously started.
# Addition of the WAHOO BLE HRM Strap support.
# Workout metrics have been reordered for easier searching.
# Improved Wi-Fi syncing when multiple networks are configured.
# Optimized list of workout metrics letting you to search for your favorites easily.
# Pressing the BACK key on any Home screen brings up the watch face.

MOTOACTV Gets 4.55.97/ 4.56.97/ 4.57.97/ 4.58.97 Software Update


The users should connect the MotoActv device to the PC machine to get prompted by the notification alert asking you to download the update. If the update fails to reach your device, you can check for the update availability by heading over to DEVICE  –> select MOTOCAST USB –> hit Device Upgrade button –> If you found the update –> Download it and follow the on-screen instructions to finish upgrade process successfully.

Hit up the source link for full details.

Source: Motorola (pdf file)

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