[Download] MotoActv’s Golf Update 6.6 Rolling Out Now; Free For Limited Time

MotoActv’s Golf Update 6.6

MotoActv’s Golf Update 6.6 MotoActv’s Golf Update 6.6

We already reported about the Golf Edition” update for the MotoActv fitness tracker and Motorola was referring it as software version v6.5. But, Motorola has updated the support page and mentioned the new software version as v6.6. MotoActv owners have to act fast as the software update will be available for free before the mid 0f April month and after April 16th, Motorola will charge something to roll out the update. Motorola is now rolling out the v6.6 for the MotoAcTv devices. The 8GB & 16GB NA MotoActv editions will get MA 1.6.6 N8 & MA 1.6.6 N16 updates respectively, while the 8GB & 16GB EU MotoActv editions will get MA 1.6.6 E8 & MA 1.6.6 E16 and the 8GB AS MotoActv owners will see the MA 1.6.6 A8 software update.

Motorola is specifically focusing on Golf GPS activities in this update. The new update v6.5 will let the users to swipe left or right to view hazard distances, set the location of your ball. Check out the full changelog of the software update v6.6 for MotoActv device here.


The MotoActv device should be connected to the PC machine to get prompted by the notification alert asking you to download the update. If the update fails to reach your device, you can check for the update availability by heading over to DEVICE  –> select MOTOCAST USB –> hit Device Upgrade button –> If you found the update –> Download it and follow the on-screen instructions to finish upgrade process successfully.

Lucky MotoActv 16GB owners will continue to enjoy free access of this update. No limited period for 16GB versions.

Source: Full Release Notes

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