[Download] MOTOACTV Gets 4.55.76, 4.56.76, 4.57.76, 4.58.76 Software Updates


Moto’s Android-based fitness tracker/mp3 player, the MOTOACTV device has got maintenance update. The software update is currently being rolled out for all 8GB MOTOACTV models, while 16GB MOOACTV devices will be upgrading "within the next week." The new software version for the smaller 8GB MotoActv device is being treated as 4.55.76 and the larger 16GB MotoActv’s software version will be upgraded to 4.56.76. Software updates 4.57.76, 4.58.76 are also available for UK based 8GB, 16Gb MotoActv models. The update brings the big boost in battery life – making the device to run up to 8 hours of continuous outdoor activity. Full list of improvements is as follows:

  • Sync through USB – Enhanced “Sync in Progress” screen
  • Language Support – Additional language support for Europe and Latin America
  • Race Myself – Fix bug in “Race Myself” feature
  • Multi Sport – Additional support for Multi Sport feature
  • Metric – Enhanced calorie calculation that takes into account elevation
  • Stability – Improved stability of fitness application
  • Music Metadata Sync to Portal
  • Workout Summary – Optimized Summary Screen after workout
  • Audio Coaching – Enhanced audio alerts during workout
  • GPS Route – Enhanced GPS route tracking
  • Battery Management – Improvements in battery life for Outdoor workout.
  • Planned Workouts – Enhanced Planned workouts using a saved route
  • Workout – Auto Run and Auto Pause feature optimization
  • Music database – Improved handling of Fit Song and High Performance Music database


The users should connect the MotoActv device to the PC machine to get prompted by the notification alert asking you to download the update. If the update hasn’t yet hit your device yet, you can check for the update availability by heading over to DEVICE  –> select MOTOCAST USB –> hit Device Upgrade button –> If you found the update –> Download it and follow the on-screen instructions to finish upgrade process. Check out the video after the break.

Source: Motorola Blog

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